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LA Traffic




We took the iconic brand films "Iron Man" and "Lone Ranger" that have a history of targeting millennials and make it appeal to a younger & hipper audience that values action and that are tech savvy.



We create mobile app digital experiences that allow target audiences to touch, explore and obtain access to their favorite characters they grew up with in a live action formant. Showcase the films via mobile technology and augmented reality in-location experiences which included:


  • Location based services

  • Mobile Commerce

  • Payment

  • Social Networking

  • Search Capabilities 

  • Context Aware Services

  • Object Recognition

  • Video

  • Augmented Reality

  • Video Trailers and On Demand Functionality



By utilizing a variety of technology features embedded within mobile solutions apps, this allowed Disney to augment their reach, engagement and obtain additional data and revenue per film.

  • Increased Electronic Date Capture

  • Direct Access to the End User

  • Viral Messaging

  • User Data Capture

  • Target Market Expansion

  • User Direct Engagement

  • Information Sharing Capabilities

  • Social Media Direct Interfacing

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